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In one of our recent blog posts, we showed you some other ways to make money on NairaBET, asides betting. And these are:

– As a shop agent

– As an online agent

– As an affiliate

In this article however, we’ll be focusing on just one of these several ways, and that’s how to make money as a NairaBET affiliate. We’ll be expounding on this method and also giving you useful tips to help achieve your goal of being a successful NairaBET affiliate. Firstly, however…

What Does It Even Mean To Be An Affiliate?

To become an affiliate of any company means you have a type of inter-company relationship with that company or you are a subsidiary of that company.

Now that’s a very general definition. Here’s a simpler definition that brings it closer to home:

An affiliate is someone that gets commission(s) on money a company makes through him – or money he helps the company make.

Basically, you obtain a unique link (that contains your ID) from a company that leads to whatever the company is selling, and when anyone buys through that unique link, you get a part or percentage of that money as commission, or as reward for bringing business to the company.

That’s exactly how the NairaBET affiliate program You tell people about NairaBET, and when they join, NairaBET pays you 50% of the profit made from the person you referred. And you will make this monthly for a whopping 6 months!

Now that you know what an is, and what you get by becoming a NairaBET affiliate, let’s talk about how to actually become one.

How to Become a NairaBET Affiliate

Becoming a NairaBET affiliate is very easy – as easy as opening any other account online.

To become a NairaBET affiliate, you can simply click this affiliates registration link. You’ll be taken to the registration page, with a form in which your details (contact, payment, etc) will be required. Fill the form(s) and at the end, click “Join Now”.

You’re all set up! You just need to wait for your application to be reviewed, and within 48 hours, you should be notified of your application result, whether approved or rejected – most likely approved though.

After your approval, you’ll get your affiliate link, plus an affiliate account set up for you, with tools and resources to help you make the best of your affiliate program. You’ll have access to tools like your Affiliate Message Center, your Affiliate Statistics, your Reports (earnings, payment history, traffic, etc), and so on.

You’ll also have access to various important resources, like the forum for affiliates, the blog, and the almighty knowledge base.

It’s just a lot of goodness, and as you can see, this can be a whole business on its own; just imagine earning 50% of the profit NairaBET is making from at least 50 people (you referred) every single month!

You’re wondering how you could possibly get 50 (or more) people to sign up monthly? That’s pretty easy; let’s dive into some affiliate marketing mini-course:

How to Promote Your NairaBET Affiliate Link

There are several ways to ensure a lot of people find and sign up to NairaBET via your affiliate link. Here are some:

1. Simply tell people

Yes, simply tell your non-NairaBET-member friends or family to sign up to NairaBET using your links. If they don’t want to sign up, let them understand the benefits of sports betting, and that it’s a very legitimate, government-approved way of earning money.

1. Promote on your website

You have a website or blog? Then that makes it better. Simply promote your NairaBET affiliate link via your website/blog.

You can do this by placing a banner – which will be provided for you as an affiliate – that advertises NairaBET (with your affiliate link, of course) on your website. This way, visitors to your site will see the attention grabbing banner and many of them will click it.

You can also create posts about NairaBET and its benefits on your blog. One good way is to create posts on how to make money from sports betting on your blog, and make your NairaBET affiliate link the call-to-action (CTA).

If you’ve built an email list via your website, even better! You can simply advertise NairaBET to your contacts, and persuade them to join clicking on your affiliate link.

1. Promote on other websites

Don’t have your own website? You can still post on other websites, maybe your friend’s, or even pay small money to website owners so they can display your NairaBET affiliate banners on their sites – or grant you a sponsored/guest post. The sign-ups you’ll get will make the investment worth it.

1. Use social media

I’m pretty sure you’re on social media. (If you’re not, then…I really don’t know what to even say to you now!)

And I’m sure you have social media contacts (friends, followers, connections, etc) too.

So all you have to do is consistently post about NairaBET on your social media accounts or pages or walls, using your affiliate lonk and benefit-oriented words of course, and you’ll get some of your contacts onboard NairaBET – and earn from their transactions for 5 good months.

1. Be creative!

We could go on and on about how you can promote your NairaBET affiliate link, but it’s just one part of this entire So we have to cut it now.

However, bottom line is to be creative about it. Keep thinking of creative ways to reach more people with your NairaBET affiliate link. Before you know it, you’re making a lot of passive income every single month.

This is not “dem say”, neither are we just sweet-talking; click here to see some of NairaBET’s recent top affiliates who met with our CEO at NairaBET HQ in March.

This opportunity is real, and many people are already taking it, and making a living off it. If it sounds like a good extra-income opportunity to you too, then why dull? Click here to get started as a NairaBET affiliate now!

PS: Are you already a NairaBET affiliate? What has your experience been like? Kindly share with all of us in the comments section.

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