Who Is The Owner Of Bet9ja?

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Do you want to know more about the owner of bet9ja? Or you’ve been asking, who is the owner of bet9ja in Nigeria?

Then this post is meant for sports betting you as it contains the complete details of the owner of bet9ja, his net worth, houses, gambling cars and investments.

Bet9ja like other betting companies in Nigeria is an online company that gives sports lovers in Nigeria the opportunity to place bets on various games and stand a chance to win cash if the bet is successful.

This betting company is currently managed in Nigeria by KC Gaming Networks Limited and run by some other shareholders of different nationalities. It is also licenced in Nigeria by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB).

Now to the main question – who is the owner of bet9ja? Continue reading to find out more about him.

Who Is The Owner Of Bet9ja?

Bet9ja was founded and is currently owned by Kunle Soname(who is also the owner of KC Gaming Networks Limited – its parent company).

However, the current CEO of Bet9ja betting company is Mr Ayao Ojuroye and bet9ja he’s different from the owner who is Kunle.

We’ll be discussing the brief history of bet9ja’s owner(Kunle Soname), his current net worth, picture, state and other details about this man below.

Kunle Soname Biography & Personal Life

Kunle Soname is an Entrepreneur, Nigerian philanthropist, politician, business mogul, bet9ja sports enthusiast and BookMaker and the owner of Bet9ja who hails from Ogun state, Nigeria.

Mr Kunle was(or may currently be) a politician and was elected as the executive chairman of Ikosi-Isheri Local Council in Lagos State and served from October 2003 up till October 2011.


Kunle attended Federal Government College, Lagos for his secondary school education and Lagos State University(LASU) for his tertiary education.


Mr Kunle Soname is happily married to Mrs Kemi Soname and their union is blessed with a daughter (Erioluwa Soname).

Kunle Soname Net Worth [2020]

Kunle is the founder of Bet9ja with a traded name “KC Gaming Networks Limited” and sports betting the lottery website is licensed under the Lagos State Lotteries Board with its headquarters located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr Kunle Soname is the first Nigerian to buy a top football club in one of the European leagues(Portuguese League) – Clube Desportivo Feirense (in 2016) and currently posses up to 70% of the club’s current shares.

He also owns Reno Stars F.C, a Nigerian National League Team based in Ogun State. Kunle Soname is no doubt one of the coded richest people in Nigeria.

According to various online sources, Mr Kunle Soname, who is the owner of Bet9ja currently has a net worth of approximately $100 million (2018 data).

Kunle Soname was one of the notable billionaires in Nigeria in 2019 (and probably in 2020) and has contributed immensely in promoting Nigeria brands.

Other FAQs On The Owner Bet9ja (Mr Kunle Soname)

How Old Is Kunle Soname?

We currently do not have some data on Kunle’s age, but this article will be updated in due course so stay tuned.

Kunle Soname Is From Which State?

He hails from Ogun State, gambling Nigeria.

Who Is Ayo Ojuroye?

Ayo Ojuroye is the CEO of Bet9ja and NOT the owner of this company.

Why Is Kunle Soname Not On Wikipedia?

Well, I think this is up to him(Mr Kunle) and the Wikipedia admins to answer this query.

As the owner of the biggest betting company in Nigeria, Kunle is no doubt one of the most influential people in the Nigerian sports industry today.

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