What Is Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth?

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hulkshare.comLinda Ikeji is a famous blogger in Nigeria who in 2013 made it onto the list of Forbes influential bloggers which is no easy feat!

Her blog provides news, beauty tips, and celebrity gossip to her readers.

She started blogging when she was 17 years old with no background in journalism or writing experience.

Today, she has over 3 million followers on Facebook where she posts almost daily.

With so many people following her work, Linda has been able to make a living for herself by running the blog as well as taking advertisements from various companies.

She has been able to launch her own beauty line as well as a clothing line via print on demand.

storeboard.comShe was also named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2014 and pastelink.Net awarded an honorary doctorate from Babcock University.

Linda continues to work hard to provide her readers with the latest posts and information on entertainment news.

She has been in the spotlight for her success and achievements as an entrepreneur while being one of Nigeria’s most successful bloggers to date.

Her blog began when she had just finished school with no further ideas about what career path to take until she discovered blogging.

She is successful, gorgeous and of course rich. Linda Ikeji – a Queen of blogging. Do you drool all over to have a peep in her rich life? What is Linda Ikeji’s net worth? How does Linda Ikeji’s mansion look like? To get all the details continue reading.

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a big-league and influential blogger. She was born in 1980, place of birth – Imo State, Nigeria. She comes from a poor catholic family. Future rich and famous beauty started to write when she was ten. Being a student she made a start in her work career in order to support her family, she had the following jobs a model, a waitress, and a writer.

Two years passed after graduating from Lagos University and she has started her blogging career, at first as a hobby. Linda appreciates her near and dear ones and gives very expensive presents to her parents and siblings, these are cars, houses etc. She spent approximately N50 million on the cars including cars for home-folks and N300,000,000 for 2 houses for her parents.

Linda Ikeji’s blog

Linda tried herself in a model business in eighteen but after failure, she transformed her hobby into cash. Linda Ikeji is considered as a big-name blogger. Of course, she did not become famed in one night, it was a hard creative work and persistence. Can you imagine that she has more than a million views daily!? She is not only popular but also very rich. A very logical question arise: How did a common blogger manage to buy a mansion in such luxurious place in Banana Island at the cost of above half a billion naira? In our article, we will not just specify the net worth and properties of this rich and famous blogger but also will give you the record concerning sources of her wealth.


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Direct advertisements

2 Leaderboard – N1,900,000 per month (N950,000 each).

2 top sidebar ads bring every month to Linda Ikeji N1,000,000 (N500,000 each).

30 sidebar ads bring the famous blogger N12,000,000 each month (the worth of one is N400,000).

Sponsored posts bring Linda N3,000,000 each month.

Page branding – each month worth is N1,600,000.

Use simple math calculations we have as a result profit for a month amounting to N19,500,000 just for advertisements on the blog.

Linda Ikeji’s blog today has 1,500,000 page views each day, so for AdSense Google pays the beautiful blogger $6,615 per day. If we will take an average month of 30 days, then in a month she earns on AdSense $178,450 amounting to almost N40,000,000.

The cost of Linda Ikeji’s blog in 2012 was estimated as $1,200,000, average bloggers were shocked by this amount. Imagine that this amount arose from nothing for six years.

However, a coin has two sides, the blog brought Linda not only fame, money, and millions of fans but also enemies and ill-wishers. She suffered from heavy criticism, legal threads and verbal assaults. Once her blog was even taken down by Google for 24 hours as a result, of Copyright Infringement case.


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How much is Linda Ikeji’s worth?

Do you know the best friend of fame? Needless to say, it is wealth! Only lazy does not discuss Linda Ikeji’s net worth. Taking into account all above-mentioned calculations, estimated net worth of Linda Ikeji now is about $10,000,000 or more than N3 billion. One more achievement became a recognition of Linda Ikeji as the highest paid blogger in Africa by the magazine Forbes Africa in August 2016.

Linda Ikeji does not have secrets and we have access to the info about her cars, houses and other expensive things.

Linda Ikeji’s house

The second name for Banana Island is a Heaven for millionaires. Guess what? Yes, exactly! Linda Ikeji as a rich and famous has bought a big and beautiful mansion in this luxurious place, worth of which is above N600 million and has 700 square meters! It has 3 floors, 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a cinema room, and a pool. The famous blogger does not keep her extra expensive house in secret. She has shared the pictures of it and its interior very soon after the acquisition.



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This is what he wrote about her house of dream, “Absolutely my dream home. Dreams do come true, you know! My name is Linda Ikeji. I’m a blogger. I’m 35 years old and I have never…never ever in my life slept with a man for money. Not only have I never done it, I have never even considered it…and here I am with a house that cost me over half a billion naira.”

As you have understood Linda Ikeji made herself. Good job, we would say! She is gorgeous, smart and knows how to make money.

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