Richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria – How To Be Profiled As A Yahoo Boy According To The Nigerian Police

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Internet scammers, popularly known as yahoo boys, are a long-battled menace to society. As if this isn’t enough, our police double our woes by profiling every other young Nigerian male as yahoo boys.

If you’re a Nigerian man in Nigeria, chances are you’ve been accosted by men of our Police Force. The funds-starved police is constantly looking for alternative means of revenue and if that includes shaking down innocent citizens on accusations that they look like yahoo boys, then so be it. We listed all the things that could make you pass for a fraudster, according to the Nigerian police.

1. Dreads

If you wear dreadlocks (or pretty much wear any hairstyle that’s not low cut) you’re already under suspicion. Piercings

The more piercings you wear, the higher your likelihood of being a yahoo boy. Oya enter the van.

3. Coloured hair

If by some stroke of luck you have managed to escape the grasp of your Nigerian parent(s) and colour your hair, you will not escape the loving embrace of SARS.

4. Tattoos

A bit of ink here and there looks good, right? Wrong, according to the Nigerian police. You might even have “cultist” added to your charge sheet.

5. Have a good phone

Policemen-in-training are told that anybody using an iPhone is a Yahoo boy. No exceptions. If it has an apple on the back, then you do usually do fraud.

6. Drive a nice car

If it’s a Benz, just follow them to the station. All your protests will fall on deaf ears that will only open when they hear money.

7. Carry a backpack

If you carry a backpack or a laptop bag, you’re automatically a yahoo boy.

8. Walk on the road by yourself

Why are you walking on the road? Are you going to meet your fellow yahoo boys? Walk on the road in a group of boys

A group of boys can never be up to any good. Arrest them.

10. Literally breathe

Why are you breathing? You’re a yahoo boy.

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