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Because I am the founder of which is Africa’s biggest sports betting portal, I get asked a lot of questions from our prospects and customers. Undoubtedly, the question I get asked most is…

How Do I Become A Agent?

In this article today, I am going to share with you ALL the information you need about how you can become a agent.

Here is a breakdown of how NairaBET agency works.

There are basically two types of NairaBET agency.

1. Shop Agents

2. Online Agents

Shop agents are those that open shops to take bets from the public under the Online agents are those that help website customers fund their accounts. You have to be a shop agent before you can become an online agent.

Here are the things you need to be an agent.

1. A space/shop big enough to contain both staff and customers.

2. A computer. It can be a desktop or laptop. Any decent computer will do.

3. A printer. This will be used to fixtures and odds for the customer to view.

4. A thermal printer. This is the type of printer used to print receipts in supermarkets. We can help you source for it if you can’t find it. It usually costs between N20,000 to N50,000 depending on the make and quality.

5. Internet. You need fast Internet

6. Generator is important except you have 24 hours light in your area. N10,000 licensing fee.

When you have all these in place, we will install the software on your computer. We will create an account for you and train you how to use it.


You will be getting 50% of profits. Profits means total stake minus total wins.

You will be responsible for the maintenance of your shop and your local marketing, taxes and branding.

In case of a situation where total wins is more than total stake, NairaBET will send in money to pay off the debt.

Online Agents

You will be able to help other customers credit their accounts. An account will be created for you.

You will be getting 7.5% of total amount credited. You don’t care if the customer uses it to win or lose.

That is how it works in a nutshell.

Are you ready to go?

If you are ready, please call Sanmi on 07045490887 or Tunde on 07046204963 so we can proceed. Better still, visit us at 3, Fatai Kafo estate, Agungi, Lekki Epe expressway, Lagos.

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