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There are numerous apps that are truly amazing. Today, I want to review the nairabet old mobile. This is one of the best Mobile App for Nairabet users in NigeriaNigeria and other parts of the world.

For those who are not aware, the nairabet old mobile app was made for old phones that can not upgrade their Operating system to the latest versions.

Why Nairabet old Mobile is Important.

One of the major reasons why this site old mobile app is still important today is because most people start using the old mobile when Nairabet was early introduced and understands the old mobile platform better than the new mobile app.

How to Log in to Nairabet Old Mobile Version.

One of the hardest things to do is logging into the old mobile of this website and downloading The old mobile version of Nairabet website is made especially for old model phones that can’t easily access their newly upgraded website.

How to Access nairabet old mobile.

Accessing this portal old version is quite easy. You can quickly go to this portal by entering on your browser. Once the page has loaded on your screen, enter your login details on the website.

How to Access Nairabet Computer and New / Lite Versions.

However, for users who may want to access Nairabet on their smartphones, computers or Laptops (PC), follow this instruction below. Note that the computer version has more features than the mobile versions and can be accessed by simply entering this company official portal,

The Nairabet mobile full and lite versions can also be quickly accessed by entering the same address in your mobile phone. When the website loads it will prompt you to choose either the computer or mobile (full/lite) versions, depending on the version that suits you the most.

How To Make Use Of Nairabet Old Mobile.

The first step is for you to visit

When the portal loads up, you will be required and asked to choose/select the platform version of their site you want to use. This depends on you, as you can either select nairabet computer version which is for computer users, old mobile and new mobile. To achieve the aim of this guide, you need to select the portal old mobile site.

Select the old mobile,

Take note that this will take you to the nairabet mobile login interface, you can proceed by clicking on login and enter your login details in the box provided.

When you have successfully logged in, click on soccer. This will show you different countries of your choice. Just click on any country and select the leagues that are available for the day.

there you will see the various matches available for that league.

Browse Nairabet For Free With Your MTN Nigeria.

Are you aware that you can surf the Nairabet for free using your MTN Nigeria sim card? Nairabet is bringing you the There is absolutely no need to browse this portal with data bundles, since this portal is now free for all MTN Nigeria users.

Every time you log on to this wonderful website, you are automatically entered into the free browsing mode! No special setting or code or subscription required; just visit this website with an MTN line. It’s 100% free.

Even if you have data bundles or MTN credit, MTN stops deducting from your data or credit whenever you’re on this portal. And you can keep browsing on this website for as long as you like.

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