Bet9ja Spin And Win Tips

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Bet9ja is reportedly the largest, most prominent online sports betting sites in Nigeria and according to data is the second most visited website behind Google.

This is an incredible statistic and it is for good reason, as the team at bet9ja provide an all-access, comprehensive and diverse betting platform.

Bet9ja has an assortment of games available including a Spin and Win (and Bet9a League), which seems to be an external game, licensed out to the service provider (

The Spin and Win can be accessed through this link – – and the landing page will show a spinning wheel with a variety of different outcomes like 10x your stake for example.

The layout is simplistic, with a punter’s balance reflected on the top right-hand corner. Playing the game is as easy as clicking a button on a preferred bet, from a limited range.

The Spin and win game seems to be accessible via a Simba phone, and the information regarding all the games available on this Operating System, can be found on the website, under the link called BET9JA PLAY which can be found on the main menu directory of the landing page. This is a web and mobi game.

Click on BET9JA PLAY and scroll down the page to the link that says, ‘Simba-Feature phone, and Spin and Win plus many more virtual games can be found.

By clicking on the Simba-Feature phone tab a new dimension of bet9ja playing features will open, and it is a surprise that this is so well-hidden. If this reviewer did not meticulously research Spin and Win, it could easily have been missed entirely.

The rules, betting activities and win-amounts of the Spin and Win cannot be found on the main site’s terms and conditions section. To find out any info regarding these virtual games such as Spin and Win a punter must go to the Simba-Feature phone link, then search for the page’s terms and conditions (bottom right-hand corner), but even here the details are lacking.

In this section there is a help link and a T’s and C’s link, but both are not helpful when looking for data on the Spin and Win feature.

Going straight to the Spin and Win link and gameplay will give punter access to play the game, but this page does not show any rules, info or minimum and maximum bet details.

One gets the feeling that the bet9ja platform is too big, and has too many pages, games, sub-sections and features that it is hard to keep track of the terms, conditions, rules and regulations for each feature, such as Spin and Win. The game looks fun, easy-to-use, and with potential decent earnings.

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