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2 WHEELS DELUXE was born out of a love affair – a love affair with motorcycles and open roads. The founder rode his first motorcycle back in 1973 in his native Europe, and he has been hooked ever since! Since coming to America in 1989, he rekindled the love affair with the 2 wheels and spent many years visiting the wonderful coastline of California as well as the other States. “Riding is about freedom, fun, visiting and learning about new places, meeting people and make new friends. ‘Live to Ride and Ride to Live’ is a catch phrase I live by,” says Zaionciuc.

Riding in America is like a dream, with each state being so different from the next. America is a big country, with thousands of miles to cover. One requires 2 luxurious and comfortable wheels – such as our Honda Goldwing or Harley Davidson Ultra Classic – to tour the United States. Seeing beautiful America on 2 luxurious wheels – THIS is the experience that we want to share with you!

For a complete vacation package on 2 WHEELS we can offer also vacation apartment for two in trendy Belmont Shore of Long Beach. This is located between Pacific Coast Highway and walking distance to the beach, in the heartland of the World Entertainment. We can also book a hotel for you if you prefer. From the place you stay “RIDE THE WING” for a short trip to Hollywood or Santa Monica, Malibu or Laguna Beach. “RIDE THE WING” for a longer trip to Palm Springs or San Diego, Julian or Arrowhead.


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